x-jungle - Patrick Faurot



Institute for Applied Theater Studies

Giessen, Germany

With Rodrigo Andreolli de Campos, Merthe Wulf & Levin Eichert

x-jungle explores ecology theory and the entangled relations between the concepts of "nature", "culture", and "technology" by attempting to grow a jungle in a 20 foot shipping container. In the western imagination, "jungle" represents a primordial "Urnatur", whereas the shipping container is the symbol par excellence for logistical, technological, and globalized human culture. By bringing these two entities into proximity, Faurot challenges the dichotomies & hierarchies that inform our human relations to nature and culture. x-jungle is a durational performative practice of growing, sculpting, listening to, and engaging with a strange ecology of plants, insects, architecture, human and non-human actors, and objects.